Dredging &

Land reclamation

Land means valuable room for growth. And where there is water there can be land. Regarding dredging services,  FEMADEC dredging ltd. is involved in large and small land reclamation projects throughout Nigeria. In many cases  we stockpile for the purposes of our road construction projects and for our clients.

Large scale land reclamation requires greater amount of sand. Often dredged at greater depths and transported over  greater distances. Our state-of-the-art dredgers enable us to achieve greater economies of scale and play a major role in  fulfilling the needs of our customers land requirements and development.

Femadec Dredging Ltd. is a newly registered company established in 2009 to provide dredging and related services for  the Nigerian Construction and Oil and Gas industry. Though a new company, the sponsors are well seasoned professionals with wealth of experience necessary for the day to  day running as well as the core activity of the company.

We are though, not fully independent regarding equipment, the company has a 14”/ 14” dredger, the main equipment  required for dredging job, purchased with a sister company HAFALIX LIMITED. The dredger is available any time for the  use of Femadec dredging on any available work. Plans are on the way for the purchase of another dredger. We hire  temporarily our other equipment depending on the need of the project.

Areas of Expertise

Femadec dredging Ltd. offers Land Reclamation works, Sand stockpiling, Sweeping of river beds, channelization, shore  protection etc. We provide a flexible and responsive service using the best available technical skills. Our staff are highly qualified in their  respective fields and Femadec keeps in contact with external experts who can be mobilized at short notice to assist in the  most difficult jobs with their specialized knowledge.

Support Services

We have available to us support services which include Finance, technical services from overseas, Office facilities like  computers, telephones, faxes printers, Logistic services including vehicles. We have a technical partner with local travel  agency for ease of local travels and international travels and international travels and logistic arrangements.

Scope of Services

Femadec dredging can handle projects from initial conception through design phase to completion. We can also provide assistance at a particular stage of a project cycle according to your requirements. Our activities fall broadly into the  following areas of operation:

  • Feasibility and Strategy Studies  Detail Design
  • Project Management
  • Tenders and Contract drafting  Manpower Supply (Later services)
  • As Built documentation (Later Services)